Psychotherapy in English


Therapy is a space where one is accepted without any conditions.


Working with You...

Psychotherapy is a truly personal experience. Therapy is not something done to a person, but rather it is created by the person. And with that, working with you will significantly involve you. By staying with you and holding all that you bring, I hope to support the growth of this personal process. 

Previously, I have worked with clients who have struggled with: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anger, trauma, relationships, gender and sexuality, as well as clinical mental health. Some of these struggles may be familiar to you. In my work, I listen to how these struggles (or any of life's struggles) are real for you. That is, what makes them personal.

Working with you will be a new experience I look forward to having.

To get a sense of how it might be to work with me you can read over my client work reflections by scrolling down.

Working in English

I work in English. This does not mean you must be a native-English speaker to begin psychotherapy with me. Many of my clients are actually not native-English speakers. Psychotherapy focuses on bringing attention to the soft-spoken or silent parts of ourselves and this does not involve only words. It is important though that you feel comfortable in communicating and expressing yourself to me. To understand this, you can schedule an initial meeting with me. This is a free-of-charge meeting during which we will be able to see how we feel working with each other.